GUEST POST: Juni Desireé’s “A Journey from Walking to Writing”

GUEST POST: Juni Desireé’s “A Journey from Walking to Writing”

Five years ago I went on the craziest journey. I walked from Sydney to Melbourne for charity. One of my friends had the idea and she organised the charity walk from scratch. She got a team of eight people together and we were called Walk for the Kids. My friend and I walked 1011km over six weeks, averaging 30km a day. With our support crew we raised $25,000 for the Dalit ‘untouchable’ children in India.

I did the walk because I wanted to do at least one big thing in my life that was for others. Something that would require sacrifice. Doing a charity walk was a huge sacrifice for me because I don’t like walking. I’m the most sedentary person alive, preferring to write at a desk or read on a couch.

I freaked out at one point during the training. I was worried about failing, not making it to the finish line, and letting people down. But my friend gave me some great advice. She told me I was putting way too much pressure on myself and it didn’t matter if we didn’t finish the walk because at least we gave it a go and that’s more than most people do.

day 39 071
“DAY 39”

By participating in the walk, I overcame my fear of failure. I learnt that just doing something is enough. If you do something you believe in, it doesn’t matter what the end result is because your actions still matter. The walk gave me the courage to finally pursue my love of writing because now I was no longer afraid of failing. Now I write simply because I love writing and I believe in it.

The other major lesson I learnt on the walk is that we are meant to be seen and share our stories. On the way from Sydney to Melbourne we spoke at churches, schools, and people’s homes about why we were doing the walk. We all had different backgrounds and reasons for doing the walk, but we all wanted to live for others. After we shared our stories, many people told us they were inspired and they wanted to do more for others. I was always nervous before sharing, but the walk showed me that just by being ourselves we connect with people and can make an impact.


It encouraged me to use what I’ve been given and do what I love and believe in helping others. Writing is what I’m most passionate about. It’s my favourite thing to do and I believe it is the most amazing, helpful tool that anyone can benefit from. Just as I shared my stories on the walk, I share my stories through writing. I hope by being honest and vulnerable it will speak to people. And I hope it encourages others to share their stories and to fall in love with writing.

I went on a walk and found a dream.

Juni Desireé – Writer

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NOTE: As an active blogger whose joyous predilection it is to reach out and touch fellow bloggers to connect as humans on similar paths, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet beautiful blogger, Juni Desireé. I discovered Juni to be a refreshingly original voice conducting arias of the written word over on her WordPress blog. Thank you, Juni, for gracing my blog with your words and aura.

If you’d like to be a Guest Blogger, please email me at Muchas gracias!



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  1. Thank you so so so much for reaching out, connecting, and letting me guest post. It’s been a joy! And you have a really beautiful way of putting your words together. Love it!

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