GUEST POST: M. Estremera’s “He Saved Me” and “De’Quan”

GUEST POST: M. Estremera’s “He Saved Me” and “De’Quan”

He Saved Me 
He came during a time when I felt like I had nothing and nothing was going right.  I had nothing to look forward to and every day was as dark as every night.
Then he was sent to me and everything that was missing was found.  He turned my whole life around.
He is my strength when I want to give up.  He is the reason I keep going when I feel that I’ve had enough.
I don’t know where I was headed and I don’t know where I’d be, but he is what I’m most thankful for because I honestly believe that he saved me.
Different from any other love I’ve ever known….
I love you more than life and because of you my heart, my soul and my whole world have grown.
Every time I see you smile I’m overcome with happiness and joy.  You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m so proud that you’re my baby boy.
Quan, I’m truly blessed to have you here with me, so I’ll always do my best to take care of you and give you everything you need.
Unique in everything you do…you keep me on my toes and amaze me every day with something completely new.
All the stars in the sky could never shine as bright as your little brown eyes.  The sun shines brighter now that you’re here and there’s never a cloud in the sky.
Never forget what you mean to me or how much I love you.  My life is complete now and I can’t thank God enough for my little angel, my “Lu Lu.”
instagram: shes_so_nc
snapchat: melyssa_e
Facebook: Melyssa Estremera
What a pleasure to know my GUEST BLOGGER , Melyssa Estremera! She is a gorgeous light who shines love on all blessed to enter her space. Her inspirational poetry appears in Two Parts, so come back soon to read her second Guest Post. Check out her links to follow her across the web! Thank you kindly for gracing my blog with your beautiful words and presence, Melyssa!

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