GUEST POST: M. Estremera’s “Step Back and Stand Still” and “A Love Story”

GUEST POST: M. Estremera’s “Step Back and Stand Still” and “A Love Story”

Step Back and Stand Still
When the world is moving just a little too fast…when you find yourself rushing to keep up with everyone else and you don’t think your strength is gonna last, step back and stand still.
When everything around you is in too big of a mess…when you’re feeling frustrated and tired, and each day only brings more stress, step back and stand still.
When it seems like you’ll never accomplish what you’ve set out to do…when you’re not exactly sure where you’re going and everyone else is two steps ahead of you…
Take a minute to step back and stand still, then you’ll have the perfect view.  Things will become clearer and it’ll be easier for you to see what it is you need to do.
A Love Story 
We came together as complete strangers, but we’ll end up complete together as soul mates.  Love is a power that makes you powerless, out of our control…it’s all in the hands of fate.
Love comes softly and leaves so rough, touching you deeply yet briefly, feels like forever wouldn’t be enough.
You never know what’s going to happen or how you’re going to feel.  Go with the flow and as things unfold, you might find that I’m the real deal.
To love someone only takes emotions, to stay with someone often takes a little more than just love.  Every now and then we’ll be put to the test and find out exactly what are hearts are made of.
Every day is exciting with you, my days are brighter because you give me so much to look forward to.
My love is only for you because with you I’ve found a love that’s true.
instagram: shes_so_nc
snapchat: melyssa_e
Facebook: Melyssa Estremera
Thank you, Melyssa, for being a Guest Blogger on my blog! I am honored that you have shared your art with me and my followers. Mucho amor siempre!

7 thoughts on “GUEST POST: M. Estremera’s “Step Back and Stand Still” and “A Love Story”

  1. Great feature… a most well presented post, very catching to the eye…
    BTW … I have nominated you for an award… look for your name at the end of my last post All my best wishes. Aquileana ⭐️.-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings Aquileana!
      So wonderful to hear from you! It’s a sunny Saturday indeed!
      Thank you for bringing my attention to my honor. Muchas gracias. I have been working on my Speaker’s Press Kit and preparing to launch my speaking career! Am soooo excited!
      Nonetheless, I shall visit your fabulous blog home now!
      Amor y Luz,


    1. Top of the day to you, Estremera!

      You just said it! That is what living and living well is all about—supporting others, uplifting whenever we can and showing love more times than we choose not to!

      You are so welcome!

      The gratitude is all mine!


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