My Fitness Routine

My Fitness Routine

Greetings loves!

I’ve been meaning to share with you that I’d finally filmed my basic fitness routine in answer to my fellow beauty blogger, Ritu Parna, and her query about what to do for toning three strategic areas of the body: the arms, the waist and the legs. Indeed, I’m most appreciative to Ritu for the challenge to share some of my fitness secrets. The video was fun to film, not to mention that health and fitness should be two important subjects for all bodies, female and male, child or adult!

So here it is! 🙂

Now, at those places where I speed up the video, please know that I was being mindful of time and the music piped into the gym.

What is your fitness routine? Have you filmed it yet?  If not, I challenge you to film what you do to maintain a toned, fit physique. (Throwing down the gauntlet and walking off the blog!)  Besitos


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