Where We Work

Where We Work

Hello loves!
I’ve been away, writing, precisely what I’m doing now…

my hungry heart

Last week I was in the Berkshires and had a chance to tour “The Mount,” the house Edith Wharton designed and built in 1902, at age 40, and where she wrote some of her most famous novels, including The House of Mirth and Ethan Frome.

I kept waiting for the guide to take us into Wharton’s study as I’d conjured it in my mind: a wood-paneled library with a desk by the window overlooking the garden.

Wharton had such a library, designed to look like her father’s, lined with books specially bound and colored-coded so she could arrange them by category; but I was surprised to learn that she actually wrote in her bedroom, modestly furnished with a bed, a vanity, and a dresser.  She wrote in bed every morning and dropped the handwritten, numbered pages on the floor to be collected later by her secretary who sent them…

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