Speaking at the “Divas with a Pen” gala

Speaking at the “Divas with a Pen” gala

I have always loved words. That love includes the sound of words in my mouth, the sight of words on the page, and the words of gifted orators and ordinary people. You name it and if it entails words, I will listen. When I was a girl, I’d speak at local churches. My father, a gifted orator, would assist me in writing my speeches, and I’d stand small-tall behind podiums and belt out my presentation, as if it were the words of a popular song! From early on, I recognized a power coursing through me when I stood to address an audience, and it didn’t matter how large or small that gathering was. A euphoria consumed me. Any notion of fear receded, like ocean tides commanded to clear the beach. Today, as with yesterday, that same speechless bliss washes over me when I dance and write. These things I do effortlessly. Without notes, crutch or curtain.

When my former student Alicia Brown invited me to join her for a program she orchestrated for the unveiling of her new book, Surviving Stolen Innocence, I said yes. As a diva with a pen, I introduced the audience to my books (If You Love Me, Come: a novel, The Wanda B. Wonders series, and Soft Tsunami: poetry) and shared my enduring passion for the beauty and the power of words. My message was believe in yourself, never give up on your dreams and harness the power in committing goals to paper.

Below is a collage of me sharing my gift! Please visit my YouTube channel, Claudia’sUniverse Vlogs to view the video. I’d love for you to subscribe and join me for new updates!

Te deseo amor y luz siempre!


Claudia speaking


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